Success stories
Tymek: In need of cough assist and remedial armchair
Węglew-Kolonia [URGENT!]
We have purchased a remedial armchair for Tymcio
Collection for little Miłosz`s cough assist
Makowiec [URGENT!]
Thanks to you, we made available funds to purchase a cough facilitator for Miłoszek
Ola`s spine needs your help
Wyszogród [URGENT!]
Oleńka`s rehabilitation has been paid for
Bartek needs your help in SMA treatment
Dąbrówka [URGENT!]
574.63 from 33 074.98 € (1.74%)
Alzheimer`s disease takes away Filipek`s happy childhood
Łódź [URGENT!]
Filipek receives medical equipment, medicine and rehabilitation
Help Kasia in her struggle with glioma
Łeba [URGENT!]
Thanks to your donations, we helped Kasia with treatment in German Koln
Oluś urgently needs a new pram
Wąbrzeźno [URGENT!]
Oluś receives a new pram
Let’s help Natalka in her struggle with SMA
Łódź [URGENT!]
Special medical equipment for Natalka helps her fight the SMA disease
Let's rescue Alanek's heart
Łódź [URGENT!]
Thanks to all who supported Alanek, who goes for an operation to save his heart
Help Kamil to take another step after a car accident
Marianówka [URGENT!]
Thanks to you, it was possible to help Kamil for the second time
Benek needs constant rehabilitation
Uniejów [URGENT!]
We all helped with Benek's rehabilitation
Adaś will live only thanks to your help!
Tarnów [URGENT!]
Thanks to your help, it was possible to buy a wheel chair, a specialist bath, a stability...
Bartuś can't be bathed in the current conditions
Pawłowice [URGENT!]
The dream of Bartuś for a new bathroom became real
Emilka won't go out without an elevator, help
Oleśnica [URGENT!]
Emilka received her much dreamed lift
Change Karinka's life
Leszno [URGENT!]
We all helped with Karinka's treatment!! Without you, it would not have been possible
How much the life of disabled siblings is worth
Kolonia Bilew ok. Łasku [URGENT!]
Rehabilitation of Kornelka and Marcelek refunded. Thank you!!

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