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16-300, Augustów
Male, 6 years
A remedial group for our wonderful Immuś has been paid for thanks to your help!
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TITLE: Immanuel Sobczyk - donation


Dear friends! How can a child who does not cry and is unable to speak, tell his family that he has had an epileptic attack?  How can this child live when he is unable to sit due to an inflated head heavy with hydrocephaly?  Is his life to be condemned to lying in bed all day?  Must he endure being unable to swallow and taste, as he can only be fed with the use of syringes inserted into his stomach?

In spite of pain, Immanuel hugs his grandmother, and touches her face and hair with love. He looks at her with happy eyes and says: "My, my grandma". Since his birth this boy was blind, but after two years something that can only be called a "miracle", happened.  Thanks to rehabilitation he regained his sight.  Immuś has grown more curious about the world and his toys.  He likes his therapists, rehabilitators and his cat.  He wants to live and he fights for it every single day.

This is his story: My daughter Estera, mother of Immuś, was abducted and raped.  Shortly afterwards, she found out that she was pregnant.  She really wanted to deliver the baby.  She started loving this little person growing inside her. During the 20th week of pregnancy, it appeared that the baby was ill. But this fact did not convince my daughter to have the abortion encouraged by doctors from Bialystok.  She delivered a beautiful son - Immuś.  Unfortunately the boy was blind, did not speak, did not cry, and had drug-fast epilepsy, paresis of limbs and  hydrocephaly.  Doctors took a decision to place valves in his head in order to carry water to his peritoneum and thanks to that, Immuś got a chance to live.  However, his life has been very hard.  He has had frequent attacks of epilepsy, received very strong medicines and has often travelled via helicopter to a hospital.  This lasted for two years.  Shortly afterwards, as my daughter was unable to cope with the situation, she abandoned him and disappeared.  The police are searching for her presently.  Due to this situation, I have had to resign from employment and start taking care of Immuś.  It is really hard as I suffer from epidemic infantile paralysis and have had a total of 17 operations.  I also walk with a limp.

In September 2014, Immuś suddenly regained his sight!  I sincerely believe that my prayers helped him.  He takes his medicines and during the last two years he has only had one attack of epilepsy.  I am glad that he is with me.  I love him so much.  Immuś needs to have constant rehabilitation and to attend remedial groups, which unfortunately are very expensive.  I am retired and I cannot afford them.  Due to this, I have to ask you for help in collecting money for the remedial group for my lovely grandchild, because I have seen that it really helps!  I dream and believe that Immanuel will be able to walk, run and speak in the future.  And that he will say:"I love you grandma!”

Ela Meller - Grandmother of Immek


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Dla Immcia
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