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Julka`s foot is fully healed! Thanks to you, we helped our ward with rehabilitation
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TITLE: Julka Kakareko - donation

The year 2016 has started for us as an uphill struggle and this hill seems to be higher and higher every day. We spent New Year's Day in a hospital with Julka because of a wound on her left foot. Sepsis set in. After 8 days of taking two antibiotics intravenously, we returned home with the open wound and an oral antibiotic. Every day was filled with taking medicines, visits to a surgical clinic, changing dressings twice a day. The whole situation lasted for two months. Mother's intuition suggested that something was wrong as the wound was still weeping and there were no signs of improvement. My husband and I decided to seek further advice as we were aware that Julka could not continue like this. We were looking for information online, called our friends and, on March 23, 2016, we set off from Białystok to the private PODOS Wound Care Clinic in Warsaw. There a culture of Julka's wound was done and she was also sent to have X-rays. It emerged that Julka has a bacterial infection. She also has an inflammation of a bone in the fifth toe - a process that may be irreversible. From that moment we started a struggle to save our daughter's foot. We travelled Białystok-Warsaw, Warsaw-Białystok three times a week. During every medical visit, a scrub of the bone and one-hour wound cleaning took place. Julka took antibiotics once again, three times a day for 35 days. Unfortunately, the oral antibiotic stopped working and presently she has to take it intravenously for a minimum of six weeks.

Now it is May and she still have a 3.5 cm cavity in her foot that reaches the bone. Julka cannot walk. She uses a wheel chair, missing school because of our medical visits in Warsaw. Stress, exhaustion, collapse, helplessness are with us for the whole time. Our life has turned upside down and we do not know when our ordeal will end. The worst thing is the fact that Julka, in order to ambulate, has to have systematic rehabilitation, but presently she cannot even stand on her left foot. She has a total prohibition to do it!
As we know, it never rains but it pours. And if that`s not enough, our younger son broke his arm and dislocated his elbow and he has it immobilized in a cast. Julka's father has had a spinal operation and he should be careful not to tire himself out. In spite of this, he traverses the country to help his daughter.

For me, there is nothing worse in life than witnessing a child's distress. Julka, instead of having careless joy with her peers in the backyard, is so distressed. It is so unfair…

Thank you for every support in advance! 

Agnieszka and Remigiusz Kakareko - Parents of Julka 

Natalia K.
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