For the third straight time, we collect money for a remedial group for Kamil [URGENT!]
23-212, Marianówka
Male, 29 years
You have helped yet again! A remedial group for Kamil has been fully paid thanks to your wonderful hearts!
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Donation added by: Kamil Wronka

Campaign runs from: 15 March 2017

until: 10 November 2017

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TITLE: Kamil Wronka - donation

Thanks to your wonderful generosity, we have been able for the second time to cover part of the costs of a remedial group in Bydgoszcz for Kamil. Please check the tab “Success stories”. Today we commence a new collection so that we will be able to continue to help and support him. Our hearts are full of happiness and we are tremendously grateful to those kind people who contributed, especially as this treatment is showing greater and greater improvements. To remind you of Kamil`s story, as told by his parents, he used to be a very well promising teenager, responsible and friendly. He had great plans for the future, wanted to continue his education, unfortunately everything has gone after the traffic accident of which he was a victim. It was a miracle that he came out of this alive and soon another miracle has happened...despite helplessness of doctors and their opinion that placing him in hospice will be necessary, Kamil woke up from the coma that was lasting for four months. We were shocked, but there was no doubt that our son will not stay in the hospice! Since then we were all fighting for his return to normality. At that time we have accidentally found out about professor Talar from Bydgoszcz, to whom we went for the private consultation. He recommended us to take our son home - gave us advices how to look after him and what kind of exercises to do. After some time Kamil woke up. He began to listen and lead his eyes, but still couldn't do anything like speaking or moving. However it was a great achievement for us, one step forward, hope that we will somehow manage this situation and that it could only get better. But we weren't aware that it's going to take such a long time to get him back to the full health. Today eight years have passed, we spend every single penny for Kamil's rehabilitation. Because of these high costs we are enforced to ask you, all the people of good will, for help. We are the normal family. We have a goal and we'll do everything that it takes to make our son possibly self-sufficient and independent person. Thanks to family warmth, systematic exercises under the guidance of good specialists and doctors Kamil changes for better. We are happy when he smiles and is aware of the things that happen around him. Unfortunately his further treatment is questionable at this moment because of the prosaic reason - lack of money. That's why we ask for the financial support for our son's treatment and therapy. We believe that people of the good will do exist and that they can be moved by another's person fate.

Thank you for your help!
Bożena and Zygmunt Wronka - Parents of Kamil 

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