Don`t let Natalka die - her fight with SMA [URGENT!]
90-135, Łódź
Female, 3 years
Thanks to you, we helped Natalka with rehabilitation, purchased a corset and we made available funds to purchase orthotics for her
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Still needed: 16270.21 €

71 people donated in 623 days!

Donation added by: Marlena, Mama Natalki

Campaign runs from: 2 February 2017

until: 18 December 2017

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TITLE: Natalka Jędrzejczak - donation

August 11, 2017 
Without your generous support, help for little Natalka would not be possible. This time we allocated funds to purchase orthotics for this wonderful girl. The amount in the collection fund was reduced today by 200 Polish zloty as a result of this much needed item.  Thank you for your ongoing support and we ask that you continue to pledge donations for this child in need! 
JUNE 14, 2017
Natalka’s struggle with SMA continues! But thanks to your donations, we have just bought a corset for her.  The expenditure of money for this purpose means that the amount in the collection was reduced today by 1300 Polish zloty.  We applaud everyone who helped to make the purchase of the corset possible!
MAY 31, 2017

Natalka and her fight with SMA. We notify you that the amount of the collection was reduced today by 2400 Polish zloty due to our payment for her rehabilitation. Thank you so much for all of your help and thank you for your continued support for our wonderful Natalka!

Let’s help Natalka in her struggle with SMA!

Natalka is a very brave little girl from Lodz struggling with a fatal disease: Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She was diagnosed on her first birthday and then became worse. Last time was very difficult for her because while being unable to breathe independently, she went to ICU with severe pneumonia. Despite critical moments, she gradually returned to health with little steps. But it is very hard to say and be happy with the word “health”. SMA - Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a disease which, as its name shows, takes children`s muscular and respiratory strength, leading to death by suffocation. It is an anxiety connected with every breath taken by the child. So far, there has been no development of an effective method to fight this disease. However, experimental trials are being conducted that might change the situation. An opportunity to take up special treatment conducted abroad has recently presented itself.  The treatment gives hope but unfortunately is very expensive. Marlena, Natalka`s mother lives with this hope. But not only she. In this hope also live many people who love this girl mainly due to the fact that despite this terrible illness, she is still an extremely happy and smiling girl. Already, due to the enormous warmth and support of our Helpers, we were able to buy needed medical equipment without which her fight with SMA would not be possible. It was done thanks to you because you became interested in Natalka`s fate and you decided to help her! Now we collect the funds for Natalka`s treatment as she needs to have movement and respiratory rehabilitation every day. Natalka is seeking consultations in France – where treatment can give this illness one final gentle nudge. We appeal for help to all people with a good heart for even the smallest support thanks to which Natalka will be able to live and function.  You too can be a part of this big success, adding your own donation.  “Together” – in this case has special power!!

Roman Wenc
Nocuń Grzegorz
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