About You Can Help Foundation

You Can Help Foundation
Together we have a power!

Sometimes life surprises us unpleasantly in the least appropriate moment and it is very hard to handle hard situations on our own.

Welcome to You Can Help Foundation website. It is a place where impossible things become possible.

Our goal is to help people in need. We are fighting for their health and life without worries  about future. We want to give them hope and strength to fight for their health.

‘Together’ is a powerful word for us, which means ‘more, faster, better’. And for us the most beautiful “thank you” are saved people’s lives, rescued health and a smile of happy and health person.

You are here which means, that you are not inert about people in need. Or maybe you are here because you are looking for help for your family or friends?

Click here to get to know about our activity.

If you want to start collecting donations, click here.

Click here if you want to help.

And if you want to contact us, use the contact form by clicking here.

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