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Together we have a power! See who we are and how we help. 

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Further support is essential for Konrad following his lung transplant
Nowy Dwór Gdański [URGENT!]
261.49 from 2 826.92 € (9.25%)
Help stop the famine in Somalia and South Sudan
South Sudan, Somalia [URGENT!]
85.33 from 23 557.68 € (0.36%)
Waiting for the day when Bartuś will get medicine to treat SMA: donations needed
Krupocin [URGENT!]
82.98 from 13 569.22 € (0.61%)
For the third straight time, we collect money for a remedial group for Kamil
Marianówka [URGENT!]
32.33 from 1 601.92 € (2.02%)
Let's help Mikołaj buy a pulse oximeter and cough assistant
Strzelce Krajeńskie [URGENT!]
1 446.08 from 5 182.69 € (27.9%)
Agnieszka versus Spinal Muscular Atrophy - let`s give her hope
Wałbrzych [URGENT!]
124.20 from 8 141.53 € (1.53%)
We collect money for 4 subsequent doses of medicine for Filipek
Łódź [URGENT!]
30 229.04 from 47 015.43 € (64.3%)
Don`t let Natalka die - her fight with SMA
Łódź [URGENT!]
398.64 from 17 173.55 € (2.32%)
Let's help Immek participate in a remedial group
Augustów [URGENT!]
776.99 from 1 342.79 € (57.86%)
Magda`s fight with cancer
Łowicz [URGENT!]
52 969.78 from 54 116.81 € (97.88%)
Julka needs your support
Białystok [URGENT!]
314.89 from 1 177.88 € (26.73%)

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We are starting!

Today is the day when our website starts. Helping people in need is now easier than ever!

Foundation registered!

3rd September 2015 is a very important date for us because we have registered in KRS, so we can finally start our…

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